Eberron: Rising from the Last War

Our first Gold Edition

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Welcome to a New World

Ever feel the need for something new?

Now's the time.

Welcome to the world of Eberron. A world of dark intrigue, lightning trains and airships. A world rising from what they all hope is the last war, and one that ended with a strange event that killed almost everyone with Cyran's borders, and enveloped its lands in a thick fog. What caused this catastrophe is still a mystery, but the fear of it happening again has brought peace to the land, at least temporarily.

So what does the Gold Edition contain to help you explore this strange new world?

The entire book, Eberron: Rising from the Last War, broken up into smaller books so you can hand the character creation section to your players while holding the monsters close.

Battle maps: We provide kick ass battle maps for your biggest fights, and the most epic moments of the adventures.

  • Lightning Rail Terminus – 2 large maps
  • Lightning Rail Train – 1 large map
  • Skycoach – 1/2 map
  • Alley Brawl – 1/2 map
  • Fallen Colossus – 1 large map
  • Airship – 1 large map
  • Sharn Skybridge – 1 large map
  • Q’Barra Jungle - 1 large map

    Large Canvas Maps
  • Sharn (special version by Lee Moyer and Keith Baker)
  • Khorvaire

    In-world Handouts
  • Broadsheets: Use these sample Eberron periodicals to forewarn the Bonus Encounters or to add flavor to your campaign
  • Patron Letters: We’ve included four sample introductory patron letters so your players can know exactly what they’ve gotten themselves into
  • Note from the Sergeant in the Forgotten Relics adventure
  • The Planes: this primer is pulled from the book so your players can read about the cosmology of the world for themselves

  • Real Dragon Shards (well, not really, but they'd fool all but the most well trained eye)
  • Feather Token (for those times where you take one step too many off a short bridge)

    Encounter Cards
    40 Encounter cards of the new creatures your characters will face

    Bonus Encounters so you hit the ground running. All with original art commissioned for this Gold Edition
  • Murder on the Halcyon – There’s a bit of dirty business upon the luxurious airship The Halcyon. Can your players solve the mystery before it’s too late? (1st level)
  • Skybridge Skirmish – Someone is haunting the nightmares of a young scholar, leading to mayhem on the bridges of Sharn. (2nd level)
  • Race Through Q’barra – Welcome to the jungle. Riches await… if you can fight your way out. (3rd level)
  • Fallen Colossus – Adventurers must plunge into the dreaded Mournland to retrieve a docent network. (4th level)

    Pre-built Characters: Hand crafted PCs that could only be found in Eberron. Allow your group to play them, add them to the party as NPCs, or use them to spark background ideas.

    Custom DM Screen: With art commissioned by Beadle & Grimm's on the outside, and Eberron specific rules and notes on the inside.

    Dragonmark Tattoos: Weird and fun temporary tattoos to get yourself in the Eberron spirit

    Magic Item Cards: Eberron is full of new things strange and terrible. Hand them to your players so they can see what wonders they've unearthed.